Pleasant Valley Christian Academy

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PVCA Student Handbook

  • To recognize God as the source of knowledge and wisdom.
  • To inspire students to discover their God-given potential. 
  • To foster an atmosphere of respect for God and others.
  • To encourage self-discipline.
  • In course content and academic pursuits.
  • In facilities and physical environments.


  • In open and honest communication.
  • In treating peoples of all ethnic, religious, economic, and social backgrounds with fairness and respect.


Intellectual Ability
  • To understand the process of intellectual development.
  • To stimulate independent thinking.
  • To God
  • To the school
  • To the local community as citizens of honour.
  • To the global community through mission outreach.


Physical Health
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide physical activities that strengthen body and mind.
  • To demonstrate personal responsibility in regard to health.


  • In physical pursuits.
  • In emotional settings.
  • In relational contexts.

Click   here   to download the full PVCA Student Handbook